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Get Used ZF5 Transmission for Sale at Low Cost:

If it’s been a while since you have checked on your car and you are experiencing issues while driving, then maybe any part of the car is damaged and needs to be changed. If your car has a ZF5 transmission and you are looking for a ZF5 transmission for sale, then rather than buying the new one you can get the used ZF5 transmission to avoid spending a huge amount of money. Used transmissions are available at low prices in markets. Suppliers are offering warranty on the used auto parts, so if you are hesitating about getting the used transmission, then rest assured.

Symptoms of faulty ZF5 transmission:

There are some symptoms to find out if your ZF5 transmission is faulty:

  • If you find that the torque converter is not locking and slipping, then there is a fault in the ZF5 transmission. You can change and flush the transmission fluid and then check if the same problem occurs.
  • The vibration you hear when accelerating the car is caused by drive shafts, pop shafts, or torque. However, if there is a constant noise---it means the tires are out of balance.
  • Shifting problems are often caused by poor cable alignment. Check the transmission fluid level and replace it if it is low.
  • Check if you use an electronic or mechanical speedometer. First, jack up the car and look at the rear gear. Once the thicker wire comes out - you probably have a mechanical speedometer. If it has a speedometer sensor instead, you have an electronic speedometer.
  • Mechanical - Replace if you see signs of wear or damage. Sometimes loose wiring in the dash will cause problems that can be fixed.

    Electronics - Always check the wiring between the cluster/control unit and the transmission for corrosion inside the connector. If the wire is good, you should wait to replace the transmission sensor. If the problem persists, you can replace the display unit.

  • Check the fluid level of the car with the dipstick once it gets warm after driving. If the fluid is black, brown, or dark red, change and flush the transmission. The transmission will slip again if working fine.

Specifications of the ZF5 transmission:

Built by: Ford
Year: 1987
Transmission type: Manual
Used In: Diesel F-350 two-wheel-drive model, F-250, F-350m F-450 trucks and F-550 trucks
Drive Type: 2 WD, 4 WD
Engine Cylinders: 8
Case Material: Aluminum
Predecessor: BorgWarner T-19
Speed: 5-speed
Torque: 420 ft-lbs
Weight: 175 lbs
Transfer cases: NP273F, BW1356, BW4406, and BW4407
Max GCWR: 26,000 lbs
Fluid Type: Motorcraft MERCON V ATF, Amsoil Signature Series full synthetic ATF


  • Dual flywheels to reduce engine harmonics
  • Dual PTO (Power Take Off) provisions
  • Two-piece cast aluminum integral Bell-Housing housing

Gear Ratios:

1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear 5th Gear Reserve
5.72 to 1 2.94 to 1 1.61 to 1 1 to 1 .76 to 1 5.24 to 1

Used auto parts from only credible and known junkyards

Get a used ZF5 transmission with a warranty and top-graded quality assurance. Auto part dealers procure the used transmissions and other parts from the salvage/ junkyards. These spare parts are tested by mechanical experts and then they are sold. Using the used auto part in the vehicle is not only money-saving but also an environment-friendly step.

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