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Top Grade Used E4OD Transmission for Sale

Replacing the E4OD transmission with the used E4OD transmission is the best option to get high performance in the car at a low expenditure. Used E40D auto parts are not less than any jackpot as it is available at a low price and has OEM specifications not less than the originally built transmission. This makes them a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable transmission. Plus, used E40D transmission for sale are easy to find and can be ordered online. They are also easy to install and come with a warranty, making them an even better option for anyone looking for a transmission.

Ford E4OD transmission can be replaced in these cars:

  • RFord F-250
  • Ford F-350,
  • Ford F-150
  • Bronco
  • Ford Expedition
  • Jaguar

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Buyers mostly plan to get the used transmissions from the nearby stores, however we suggest online shopping sites as they offer many benefits and are easier to get then going to shops and searching for quality E4OD transmission. Online sites offer:

  • Used transmissions are available at low price on online sites.
  • Many offers, deals are offered on the transmission like price discounts, coupons, free servicing etc
  • We can choose between the best products according to our requirements on a single platform, however while buying from shops we have to wander and haul it with us which is hectic.
  • You will get the transmission delivered online at your commercial address.

About Ford’s first electronically controlled transmission: E4OD

E4OD transmission was introduced by Ford in 1989. It is the first electronically-controlled transmission by Ford used in light and heavy-duty vehicles. E4OD is a larger four-speed transmission that can be used in trucks and other large vehicles. Overdrive and electronic control are the advancements in this transmission. Its better torque handling capacity and higher contact ratio in planetary gears are the improvised features in the Ford transmissions.

Specification of E4OD Transmission:

Built by: Ford
Year: 1989
Successor of: C6 transmission
Transmission type: Automatic
Speed: four forward speed
Control type: Electronic
Case: Aluminum
Weight: 270 lbs.
Fluid Capacity: 18 quarts Mercon V

Gear Ratio:

1st gear 2.71
2nd gear 1.54
3rd gear 1.00
4th gear 0.71

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Top quality rebuilt E40D transmission for sale:

Buyers searching for the replacement transmission can also get the rebuilt E4OD transmission from us. We provide rebuilt transmissions for all the car models. Transmissions are examined and damaged components are replaced with the functioning components. They are available with warranty at reasonable prices.

All transmissions at one place

Used Transmission Near Me will be the best option for the replacement of the worn out transmissions. We have inventories in all the locations in the USA with a comprehensive transmission collection of all makes and models. Buyers search Used E4OD transmission for sale near me to get the replacement nearby whereas we are delivering it to their locations with free shipping.