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UsedTransmissionNearMe is providing the used 4R100 transmission for sale at very affordable prices. This transmission used in lower-power vehicles is always in demand despite it having stopped building and its upgraded versions have been introduced in the market but the owners of the vehicles with 4R100 transmission often enquire for a 4R100 transmission for sale or a used 4R100 transmission for sale.

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All the auto parts in our inventory are first checked and tested by the expert team and then availed for delivery. Ensuring the best quality and performance is not an easy task to do as the auto parts were already in use earlier, but our dedicated team has made this possible. Along with good quality and performance assurance, we provide a five-year warranty on every transmission.

Let us know about the 4R100 transmission from its production to its features: The 4R100 was released by Ford in 1998 to resist the competition going on in the auto industry with the 4-speed overdrive feature. It was the upgraded version of the E40D transmission. This transmission is generally used in lower-power vehicles like 7.3L Power Stroke. It has an output shaft speed sensor and three planetary gear sets (forward, reverse, and overdrive).

Specification of 4R100 transmission:

Built by: Ford
Transmission: Automatic
Wheel drive- Rear- wheel drive
Predecessor E40D
Speed 4-speed overdrive
Vehicle class: Powerstroke Diesel trucks
Case Aluminum
Input torque: 1000lb-ft
Weight: 270 lbs.
Fluid Capacity: 18 quarts Mercon V

Gear Ratios:

1st 2.71
2nd 1.54
3rd 1.00
4th 0.71

Transmission used in these vehicles:

  • 1999–2003 Ford F250 - F350 - F450 - F550 Super Duty
  • 1999–2003 Ford F-150 7700 Series (LEV-Low Emissions)
  • 1999–2003 Ford Expedition (with 5.4 V-8)
  • 1999–2004 Ford Lightning (F-150 SVT)
  • 1997–2004 Ford E-Series
  • 2002–2003 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition
  • 2000–2003 Ford Excursion

Rebuilt 4R100 transmission:

Our inventory is not limited to providing the used transmission of the vehicles, but we also provide rebuilt transmission which is also a money-saving option and available with a warranty. To get the rebuilt 4R100 transmission, Used Transmission Near Me is the best option. We are also available with the transmissions of other make and model.

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