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Used TH350 Transmission For Sale At Best Prices

Used Transmission Near Me offers used transmission of all the makes and models at reasonable prices. If you are searching for a used TH350 transmission for sale to replace the damaged one, the right place is here to get it. We deliver the tested and used TH350 transmission in all the places in the USA.

Applications of Turbo-Hydramatic Transmission:

TH350 Transmission is used in the below vehicles, if you also own any of them and need a transmission replacement, then used TH350 transmission is here to get.

  • Chevrolet Caprice
  • Chevrolet Chevelle
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Chevrolet Blazer
  • Chevrolet Camaros
  • Nova
  • Pontiac Firebirds

The strongest and shortest GM transmission: TH350 Transmission

One of the greatest built TH350 transmissions is the three-speed automatic transmission introduced in the 1969 model year Jeeps. It replaced the GM Powerglide automatic transmission and became the strongest of all the transmissions by GM. Chevrolet and Buick together created this transmission hence also known as CBC 350 (Chevrolet-Buick-Combined 350). Because of its strength and shorter size, the TH350 transmission was part of almost all rear-wheel drive cars and trucks. TH350 transmission for sale was the first choice of the car manufacturers. Then in 1982, it was succeeded by 700R4 Transmission.

Gear ratios of TH350 Transmission:

First gear Second gear Third gear Reserve gear
2.52:1 1.52:1 1:1 2.07:1

Features of TH350 Transmission:

Production: Flint, Michigan plant of Buick, Toledo and Parma, Ohio, and Windsor, Ontario of Chevrolet.
Height: 21-3/4"
Weight: 120lbs
Case Material: Aluminum
Engines: Block-396 V-8s, V-6s
Parts in transmission: Integral bell housing, Lockup torque converter

Buyers are curious to know about the source of the used auto parts we are availing at low prices. We source these used auto parts from salvage yards which are prominent and reliable in the area. Cars and other spare vehicles that are unusable have automotive parts that can be used again. These pre-owned auto parts are procured by our team and expertly tested to find any glitches or damages. They are leak-checked and then treated. These auto parts after the testing by our expert team are ready to use and fulfill the OEM specifications.

Used Transmission Near Me has inventories in almost every part of the country. These inventories have a comprehensive collection of auto parts including transmissions, engines, ABS modules, airbags for RAM trucks, and other model cars. Car parts of all models, brands and make years are provided and the inventories are updated regularly by us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Used TH350 Transmission worth buying?

Yes, we can buy the used TH350 transmission for the replacement of the damaged one. They are available at low cost and provide the best quality and performance. They are easily available at the online stores for sale.

Why should we buy the used TH350 Transmission?

Used TH350 Transmissions are easily available, they provide enhanced driving experience and low mileage. Getting used transmission for cars is cost-efficient, fuel-efficient as well as environment-friendly.

Can I get the Used TH350 Transmission For Sale Near Me?

Many Auto Parts dealers like Used Transmission Near Me deliver the used transmission at the location. So you do not need to search for it in nearby markets. You can easily get it delivered to your place.

Can I get a rebuilt TH350 transmission for Sale?

Yes, the rebuilt TH350 transmission is also available for sale. You can get it easily from the online auto part store. Rebuilt transmissions are cost-effective and also provide genuine OEM specifications like the original make.