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Buy used T5 Transmission with five year warranty

Going to buy a new T5 transmission as the old transmission is jerking while driving? No need to go anywhere. Instead of buying a new T5 transmission you can go for the used transmission. And for that, we are here at your service. We usedtransmissionnearme.us sell you the used T5 transmission with 3-5 years warranty.

About T5 transmission:

T5 transmission is used by many car brands like Ford, GM. It is the Transmission introduced by Borg Warner, the one who made the T56 transmission.

T5 was designed by Borg Warner. Earlier it was SR4, which was later upgraded to T4 and now is used as T5. It was sold as BorgWarner T5 which later in the 1990s was sold to TTC (or Tremec).

Journey from SR4 to T5:

  • SR4 was a 4-speed manual transmission that used ball and needle bearings on the countershaft with bronze synchronizer rings.
  • Later it improved to T4 with counter gear having a straight roller bearing on it and tapered roller bearings on the input and output shafts.
  • T4 upgraded with an added overdrive gear, which was later called T5.
  • TREMEC brought the manual shift transmission from the Borg Warner in about 1998. He then produced transmissions like T5 and T56 which are produced till now in Mexico on OEM levels.

Where was first T5 transmission installed:

The first T5 transmissions were installed in the AMC Spirit/Concord. In 1982, GM began fitting the T5 to the S-10/S-15 compact pickup trucks. In 1983, Ford (Mustang) and GM (Camaro/ Firebird) started using T5.

Ford introduced the T5 in the Mustang. After that Chevrolet in Camaro and Pontiac in Firebird installed this transmission. The T5 was remarkable in fuel economy and performance.

Models of T5 transmission:

Borg Warner introduced two models of T5 transmission. One is World class model which is designed to deliver improved shift quality and it has improved synchronizers and bearings. T5 transmission is available in two models that is world class (WC) model and Non world class also known as Standard (STD) model.

  • In the world class model, they have tapered roller countershaft and STD has straight roller countershaft.
  • WC transmissions use automatic transmission fluid/ ATF (Dextron III) oil, while STD use 50W gear oil.
  • WC has needle type bearings under gears whereas STD has journal type bearings under gears.
  • To distinguish World Class from Standard T5 transmissions, a part number of 1352-000-***, where *** is a three-digit application-specific number ranging from 001 to 260 is used.

What is different about the T5 transmission?

In order to provide a manual shift five speed with a single overdrive to the world market, Borg Warner introduced the World class model. He improved the T5 in the areas of the synchros and bearings to meet this market.

T5 is also used in 4Cyl: T5 is also used in the 4 Cylinder cars by Ford and GM. 4 cylinder-5's have following feature:

  • They receive a 3.97 gear set with a .79 overdrive.
  • They have a smaller input pilot bearing shaft and a longer input shaft.
  • They should not be used behind a V-8.
  • Holding up the added torque is difficult for the longer shaft and they provide too low of a first gear ratio.

Now maybe some questions are arising in your mind. Worry not, we will answer all of them.

Why should I buy the used Transmission?

Buying new transmission can go out of the budget. Used T5 transmission is available at low cost in the market. It also has a warranty.

How much will it cost to buy a used T5 transmission?

Buying a new T5 transmission will cost you around 1.65 Lakh which is of course costly to buy. While buying used transmission will cost you around 70-80K.

What will be the warranty of the used T5 transmission?

It depends on the seller. Our company will give you the warranty of three to five years on T5 transmissions.

Is it safe to buy a pre-owned/ used T5 transmission?

If you are buying the T5 transmission from credible sources, then yes it is safe to buy used T5 transmission. You can visit our website to buy the used T5 transmission.

What are things to take care of while buying used T5 transmission?

You should buy used transmission from the credible source only. You should physically visit the store or can go through their website and read reviews before buying.
Store should provide you with testing before installation in your car.

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