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Best Revamp for Car: Used 6R140 Transmission for Sale

Ford built the 6R140 transmission that is known for providing better fuel economy. If it starts consuming excessive fuel, then there is a higher chance of the transmission getting damaged. Check the transmission as soon as possible; if needed, you can opt for the used 6R140 transmission instead of the new one. Buying a new transmission, especially for the old car models is not a good idea. Get your money’s worth with the used 6R140 transmission for sale.

Why is spending on a used 6R140 transmission worth it?

  • Buyers looking for cost-cutting options will get the used transmission at reasonable prices.
  • Used transmissions enhance the car's performance and provide a smooth driving experience.
  • You can get more out of the used transmission as it has a warranty and serves more than expected.
  • Used transmission with genuine OEM specifications and beyond it available in markets are money-saving options.
  • Used 6R140 transmission will provide you with low mileage, it is a fuel-economic option.

Note: Used 6R140 transmission is available for replacement in these applications:

  • Ford F-250
  • Ford F-350
  • Ford F-450
  • Ford F-550

About 6R140 Transmission:

Ford began manufacturing the 6R140 gearbox in 2011. This six-speed automatic transmission is well-known for its effectiveness and durability. It was manufactured to be featured in Gas, and diesel cars and Super Duty pickup trucks. It was in use until 2020 following the release of the 10R140 ten-speed transmission.

Manufactured by: Ford
Period: from 2011 till 2020
Predecessor: 5R110 five-speed transmission
Type of transmission: Automatic
Speed: Six forward speed
Capable of handling :935 ft-lbs of torque
Control type: Electronically Control
Height: 19.5 inches
Weight: 345 pounds
Case Material: Aluminium
Transmission fluid type: Mercon LV ATF
Capacity of Fluid: Four Gallons

Gear Ratios:

First Gear- Second Gear- Third Gear- Fourth Gear- Fifth gear Sixth Gear- Reserve Gear-
3.97:1 2.31:1 1.51;1 1.14:1 0.85:1 0.67:1 3.12:1

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