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Used transmission

Used 4L60e Transmission for Sale

We understand—- how exciting used 4L60e transmission can be for your car. Thanks to its affordable nature. However, I don't always find it easy to source a properly functioning 4L60 e transmission as it demands running from pillar to post to get a new one. So you end up consuming more time & money.

Finding a suitable transmission is an uphill task. We don’t leave a stone unturned, as it throws challenges. Also, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the purchase, we’ll refund your money or exchange for other product names.

Our 4L60e transmission for sale is available to you in a variety of different makes and models, so be firm to find the best match from inventories in various sizes.

How to Know If the 4L160e Transmission is Bad?

Transmission Starts Slipping

Often the internal mechanical failure leads to the transmission slippage.

The transmission fluid will be there at low level if there are continuous leakages which results in transmission slipping.

Transmission Fails to-Shift Out of Gear

You'll experience this issue when the PCM sends electrical problems and commands transmission without moving and stays in" limp mode'.

Any transmission is "limp mode", the automatic transmission will fail to downshift or upshift.

The 1-2 Shift Is Hard and Delayed

Problems like delay or harshness in 1-2 shift, but also there is an inability to shift the overdrive.

The 3-4 Shifts Clutches Are Not Working and Quickly Worn Out

All these clutches wear out in quick time. As a result, it needs removal. Till the time you get a mechanic drive safely.

Why is Buying a Used 4L60E Transmission Easier than before ?

When you discover that the transmission has some problems, you should get it checked and confirmed with the mechanic. After that when you start buying a used 4L60E transmission for sale, which is the best option if you are looking for affordable and reliable replacement.

Buying a used 4L60e transmission near me is always a preferred choice,if you need transmission right away.The right match can often be time-consuming and expensive but give you extra worth in the long run. If you find a new one, you'll have the best time with the existing car. So, it is the best practice to find a reputable source. At Used Transmission Near Me, we get you a quality-tested transmission at much lower prices.

A perfect replacement for those looking for an ideal budget. If the problem in your car continues, you don't have to sit back and wait for ideas to pop up. Thus, you can have a good investment for premium cars. So as per experts, it is a better choice than buying a brand-new one.

Used transmission

4L60e Transmission

It is a 4 speed automatic electronically controlled transmission, known for its long-lastingness and versatility. Are you looking for a used 4L60e Transmission at an affordable price ? Whether you require it for an SUV, van or vehicle. However, it has its one Pros & Cons.


  • It is the pricing of 4L60E transmission factors that matters the most.
  • Cheap and Swap-friendly transmission gives an added option to upgrade the vehicle.
  • Easy to Repair and available inexpensive parts


  • You must remove the old transmission and install the new one.
  • It will require work and effort to pull it off.
  • The cost of removing and shipping to the Salvage yard is higher than the rebuilt or remanufactured unit.
  • Often have to negotiate with the warranty that lasts for 30-60 days
  • Often, there is doubt about the miles covered

Tips to Inspect & Evaluate - A Used 4L60e Transmission:

Before you go ahead and buy a 4L60 e transmission, check the condition to ensure you get the right quality product. This is how the inspection and evaluation process works. Check these symptoms.

  • 1) Look for Signs of Leakage : Always check the exterior or the transmission for fluid leakage.Can ignore minor leakages, but excessive one indicates a severe problem
  • 2) Check Fluid Level: Cover a small distance and let the engine heat. After that, remove the dipstick and check the color and smell of the fluid. The color of the fluid should be bright red with a slight odor. When you notice that the liquid is burned it starts showing brown and indicates the transmission is overheated.
  • 3) Check the Torque Convertor: Check the torque convertor for signs of damage or wear. All the fins should be straight,but not bent or broken.
  • 4) Test Gears: Inspect gears by shifting through all the gears while the transmission is running,if there is no attention or slipping.
  • 5) Check The Pan: Take off the transmission pan and inspect the inside signs of debris or metal shavings. That's where minor signs of debris are running.

Following these points, ensure you get a quality used 4L160e transmission for ever-lasting performance. So if you have queries about the inspection process, make an informed purchase.

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