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Get your car modified with a used C5 transmission:

Transmissions or gearboxes provide the power to wheels. It is situated in the chassis of the car. It transmits the power to the wheels from the engine to move the vehicle forward.

In case the transmission is not operating well, the car will not move forward and the performance will also be affected. To experience a smooth drive without any glitches, auto parts must be taken care of and checked regularly. If the C5 transmission of your car is damaged and needs to be replaced, choose the used C5 transmission. They are easily available with the best quality assurance and you can get them at a low cost. Enhance the driving experience with the used C5 transmission.

If you have these Cars, then surely you will need a C5 transmission for replacement:

  • 82-86 Thunderbird
  • 82-86 Mercury Capri
  • 82-86 Mercury Cougar
  • 82-86 Ford LTD
  • 83 Mercury Zephyr
  • 83-86 Ranger
  • 83-85 Bronco II
  • 83-86 Mercury Marquis
  • 86 Aerostar

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Buyers generally search for the best store nearby to make sure about its quality and functioning. But what if we say that we are providing the used C5 transmission for sale online, you just have to confirm it with the details. Getting it online will save you time and you do not need to carry it to your location. About quality, do not worry, we are the registered and verified auto part dealers that offer only tested top-notch quality used transmissions. We have the best technical team to inspect the used transmissions in our workshop before delivering them to clients.

C5 transmission: Brief and Specifications

Ford along with the top class cars and trucks, also manufactures the transmissions. One of them is the C5 manufactured in 1982. It is a three-speed automatic transmission that came into existence succeeding the C4 transmission. It was introduced with the advanced feature of a locking torque converter which provides better mileage consuming less fuel.

Features of the C5 transmission:

Built by: Ford
Year: 1984
Speed: three-speed
Type of transmission: Automatic transmission
Predecessor: C4 transmission
Successor C6 transmission

From where we source used transmissions for replacement, this question is also asked by the customers frequently. Answering this, we have an extensive network of known salvage and junk yards from where we procure the used auto parts from scrap vehicles, test them to get repaired, and supply them for reuse.

Used Transmission Near Me delivers the transmission anywhere in the USA. We have transmissions of all makes and models in our inventory ready to ship. If you are searching for a used C5 transmission for sale near me then getting it from us will benefit you with the 5-year warranty on the transmission, and return and refund options are also offered by us. We have dedicated customer support for the assistance.