CVT Transmissions Or Automatic Transmissions: Which Are The Best?

Continuously variable transmission or CVT is the automated transmission that is different from automatic transmissions as it offers an indefinite gear configuration, whereas automatic transmissions have fixed gear ratios.

How does CVT transmission function?

These transmissions have the pulley attached to a chain/belt and the other side of the belt connected to the engine. One pulley connected to the engine transmits power through the belt. CVT transmissions are known for providing more fuel efficiency.

Vary gear shifting components of both transmissions

Automatic and manual transmissions are operated by the gears whereas CVT transmissions have two pulleys connected by a belt/chain, which shifts the change by itself.

As the car moves, the distance between the pulleys changes, which changes the rate at which the pulleys turn. It does not consist of several gear shift options, the gear seamlessly shifts as the car moves. This transmission offers multiple gear shifts as the manual transmission provides while it operates automatically means you do not need to use a clutch pedal or shift gear manually, so it also benefits you with this feature of automatic transmission.

Why should we get CVT transmissions in our cars?

CVT transmissions which earlier were ignored are now part of every car family. This transmission with its incomparable and omni features is capable of providing better driving experiences. One can get a car with this transmission as it provides these benefits:

  • CVT transmissions are known for lower fuel consumption. CVT consumes less fuel as it does not need extra power and hence provides better mileage. Car manufacturers are now preferring the CVT engine for their gasoline cars to save energy consumption.
  • Smooth and seamless gear shifting provides better acceleration and modified speed on uneven roads.
  • Its automatic gear-shifting feature does not require the driver to change the gear or use the gear pedal to change.
  • It weighs less and needs a small place in the car’s chassis. Its structure is not as complex as other transmissions which made it easier to install.

Flaws you can find in CVT transmission:

Although this transmission has multiple advantages, it may be due to the use of automatic and manual transmission drivers may still need to be satisfied with this transmission.

  • This transmission offers frictionless driving and a smooth gear shift. Drivers who have driven the car with other transmissions earlier may not like this smooth gear shift as they are used to the sensations while the engine starts.
  • This transmission has a short lifespan as compared to other transmissions. Annually it can reach up to 100,000 miles whereas automatic transmission can reach 200,000 miles.
  • This transmission costs more than another transmission if repairs are needed in any part because of its incredible performance.

Used CVT transmission with original manufacturer specifications

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Money-saving deal on used CVT transmissions

A used CVT transmission can indeed offer comparable performance, provided its structure and additional components are in good working order and undamaged. Traders source them from the junkyards filled with the scrapped vehicles. These vehicles have auto parts that can be used again. Shopkeepers procure them and sell them again to other clients. It saves the money of the buyer and also reduces the technical garbage.

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