Know about GM-made 700R4 Transmission which ruled for 40 years in the automobile market

GM-made 700R4 transmission was introduced in the early 1980s and was used for the next forty years in brand applications after coming into the market. It was considered the most reliable transmission of the era in automobile history, leading it to be used for such a long period.

Before 700R4, many GM transmissions were introduced which were used widely by car manufacturers.  A two-speed Powerglide transmission came into the market which was also in demand and after that three-speed automatic transmission TH350. 700R4 transmission was the advanced form of TH350 that comes with 30 percent overdrive. TH350 was also one of the desirable transmissions by General Motors but lacked overdrive gear which decreased its demand in the market and then Turbo Hydramatic 700R4 which is now also known by the name 4L60 was introduced. It was highly demanded by manufacturers for their cars and trucks at that time.

Car applications equipped with 700R4 Transmission:

  • GMC Safari Van
  • GMC Cyclone
  • GMC Jimmy
  • GMC S10 Sonoma
  • GMC S15 Sonoma
  • GMC S15 Pickup
  • Chevy Astro Van
  • Chevy Corvette
  • Chevy Camaro
  • Chevy Caprice
  • Chevy Suburban
  • Chevy Blazer
  • Chevy S10 Blazer
  • Chevy S10 Pickup
  • Cadillac Fleetwood
  • Cadillac Limousine
  • Cadillac Brougham
  • Buick Leasable
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • Holden Commodore

Specifications of 700R4 Transmission


Built by: General Motors

Year: 1982

Speed: Four-speed

Transmission type: Automatic transmission

Gear: Four and one overdrive gear

Cast material: aluminium

Tail shaft housing: 625 in.

Length: 23.4 inches

Weight: 155 pounds

Bolts count: 16 bolts

Fluid used: DEXRON VI

Gear ratios:

  • First- 3.06
  • Second- 1.63
  • Third- 1
  • Fourth 0.7
  • Reverse- 2.9

The most preferred options for out-of-production 700R4 transmission

700R4 transmission was last found in car models Corvette, Camaro, and Typhoon in 1993. After this year, vehicles didn’t use this transmission and it is not in production now. Owners with old car models consisting of 700R4 transmissions are now facing problems whenever their transmission gets worn out as it is hard to get the new 700R4 transmission. So, auto part dealers came up with the solution. They offered rebuilt or used 700R4 transmission for sale to those buyers looking for a replacement. They can install the used 700R4 transmission in their car. Buyers not satisfied with this alternative should know that used transmissions are not only available at reduce and reasonable prices but also, they are available with a top warranty. So, if you are worry about whether the used transmission is worth buying, then we suggest you get it once and test it yourself.

Used 700R4 transmissions are easily available with the auto part dealers as it is a good investment for the dealers. Secondly, they consume less fuel and provide low mileage. Fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the used transmissions increased its demand. Buyers are now considering used transmissions over the new one because of its unending benefits.

A reliable source of used auto parts:

To procure the used transmission, dealers have a large network of junkyards, where scrap vehicles are collect. They source the used auto parts from there. A deep and thorough inspection is done by the tech experts and diagnosed by them. Used 700R4 transmission will be tested and treated by the expert team which provides improved performance to the vehicles. Get the used 700R4 transmission from the store which is known and credible for shopping. Online stores are now mostly preferred for shopping as they can be review before buying, we can connect with their clients, and track our orders anytime. Plus, online stores offer discounts and deals which also saves money.

Delivery anywhere in the USA

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